German Folk game Lidsene.


The game Lidsene is something like Flying Roly-Poly toy.




It would be not precise to say that Lidsene is just Flying Roly Poly Toy (Flying Tumbler Toy ), because they works differently. Lidsene uses elasticity. There is no heavy metal bob in it - just a gummy. So it is absolutely safety.
Lidsene is very collective game. Ideal for group from 4 to 10 children.  Lidsene stimulates children for  running. Please look on our video to see how children can play with it during hours.  One child throws it and all others run after – who will be the first!  Such simple rule of the game is recommended for children from 2 to 8 years old. Adults must explain to children that good players should not  egoistically walk  without throwing the toy they should not fight for it.
Lidsene can play also adult people. If you organize the game in a small room such as your office, you can use two books. Just try to put toy vertically on them thowing it from distance.  Following  rules of the game is specially recommended for office heroes during lunch  time .  Take two big books. Set them at sufficient distance one from other. Imagine that this is two pirate ships. They will shoot each other by heavy guns approaching closer and closer to each other.  One player staying behind his ship (the book) and throws the Lidsene trying to hit the enemies ship (put the Lidsene vertically on the enemies book) . After throwing the Lidsene he has right to “float” (to move his book) one step closer to enemy. (But never before the throwing because it would be not honest). So the game continues. Ships approach closer and closer until finally one player hits the ship of the other (manage to put Lidsene on other’s book). So he wins the game.  No points – just one good hit.   For big playing field carton boxes from banana can be even better models of pirate ships – your goal will be just to throw the Lidsene inside enemy’s ship (box). Please look on our video to see how adults can play Lidsene during hours.
Because Lidsene always stays vertically it will be ideal sport for people who do not want to bend their backs - even better than golf where you still have to bend to take the ball by hand.


Latvian Folk game Kerlido. Latvian national game Kerlido.
Flying toy with three feet catching by stick. Latvian national sport. Flying toy with three legs. The Kerlido toy is a flying toy with three legs, with weights on their ends with a slight tail. The toy is designed for sporting games and juggling. It can be recommended for age from 6 to 96 years. It can be used both individually and collectively.

Figure : 1 – light tail sticking up, 2 – one of the rigid legs, 3 – the bob at the end of the leg, 4 – and a stick on which the flying toy lands.

When thrown, the toy turns in the air under the influence of aerodynamic forces and flies with its heavy feet ahead.
Sprung up on the stick, which is horizontally held by a player, the toy hangs on it so that one leg hanging from one
hand while the other two on the other hand of the stick. Kerlido can then be immediately thrown back by the same stick
 without making any preliminary motions. Unlike games where the flying object is caught by a butterfly net or by Velcro,
here are not necessary to use your left hand to release Kerlido. This property makes the game much more dynamic and
This toy can be used for game remotely resembling badminton. But unlike Shuttlecock in badminton, you need not to beat
back (repulse) the Kerlido, but only to simply catch it on a stick.

The Kerlido  is a flying toy with three legs

In this photo, players hold in their hands the sticks, throw the Kerlido to each other and catch it.
Simple ideas for game
1. We make competitions not between 2 players, as in traditional games, but between 3 players simultaneously.
 Let say A,B,C. They should throw the Kerlido toy clockwise: from A to B, from B to C, from C to A and so on. If ,
for example, B throws the toy to C but C has not caught the toy but the toy falls on ground, then the witness A
will get 1 point. Reason is simple - both A and B are guilty. The game goes till one of the players receives 10 points.
He becomes the Winner. There is no silver or bronze , but only gold winner in this game.
If the players decide to make a bet, let say 1 dollar each – total 3 dollars, then the Winner will get 2 dollars, but 1 dollar will get the judge of the tournament D.
This game reminds us some political games in Parlament when 3 or more egoistic sides are involved.
2. Two players, playing together can try to pass the toy as far as possible. The record, I know is 40 meters.
3. Trained athletes are playing not by one Kerlido, but by two, throwing them toward each other simultaneously, which makes the game much more interesting and dynamic.
In this photo, players hold in their hands the sticks throw to each other and catch the Kerlido.
Two standard-defined areas 10×6 meter each are used. Net or rope can be used between them. But it is possible to use 6 meter width boundary path between the areas instead of net. When it falls to the ground, Kerlido can be lifted with a stick. Goal of the game is to deliver both Kerlidos on opponent’s territory, at least one of them standing on its feet. Once a player is successful, he cries – “Two !” which means requirement to stop the game and to award him one point. If Kerlido flys outside the site, hit the net or fly below the tight rope, a point is awarded to the opponent. The game is played until one of the contenders gains 21 point. However, if during the game Kerlido hangs on the upper edge of the net or a rope, the player who did it loses the entire game.
So now you actually do not need the columns for net. Draw the territory and start you competition!
4. On the sand or grass (but not on asphalt) Kerlido mostly lands on its three feet. If no net is used, but instead is used boundary path between the areas instead of net, then the following additional rule can be used: if opponent has not touched the Kerlido, the Kerlido must stay on its feet. Otherwise the hit is considered as bad and the point get the opponent.
This rule serves to the same purpose as the net: if obligate players do not use short strong direct hits.
So now you actually do not need the columns for net. Draw the territory and start on your competition!
5. In a simplified version of the game the two players just play for fun only with one Kerlido without competition . With one Kerlido even very young not prepared children, the elderly, disabled players, novice players can play, because, unlike tennis or badminton, the Kerlido game can be mastered immediately from the first attempt.
6. There are lot of possibilities for joggling and different tricks. Just show to your friends what you achieve…
7. Kerlido also can be caught by rope which is hold by two players. By the same rope it can be thrown to space orbit.
The word “Kerlido” derives from the Latvian language: “Ķer” – „catch!”, “lido” – „ fly !”
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Both toys can be used for placing your advertisement on it. If you have your own business related to children, you can ask me to put your logo on Kerlido or Lidsene, and then donate it to kindergartens and schools in your country. It is very money-effective advertisement, because you should not donate the toys to each individual child but only one toy for kindergarten where are 200 children 400 parents and 800 grandmothers and grandfathers. All these people will see your logo on one toy.
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